Marincole poedels

About us

We are Marion and Phillip Postmus

At a young age are we got infected with the poodle virus. Philip had at home a white dwarf poodle and Marion got on her 14th a beautiful black dwarf poodle of her parents. Her name was Jasmine the Senancole. The first shows were run, the first litter was bred in 1980. Of course, there is a beautiful bitch held etc. Until Marion finish school and started working. Busy times, little time for a time consuming and costly hobby. The young dogs became old ladies

In the year 2000 we went getting married. We bought Miss Lizzy Toy or Mirror Home, a beautiful black dwarf. Lizzy is our foundation female. With her we are actually restarted. 

Our dogs live in  our home. We dont have kennels.


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